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About Us

The Team

We aim to foster understanding and generosity, and to respect, listen, and learn from everyone around us. Although we work in specific departments, as a 2J’s employee we serve each other and the store as a whole. We encourage and support one another to succeed, building each other up instead of standing in each other’s way. Our team is encouraged to share ideas, questions, concerns, criticism, and to ask for help!



Our passions lie with inspiring and enabling connection, collaboration, sharing, and service. We value the power that food has to connect people to each other and to the land We encourage the sharing of resources and understanding. Service to the environment, each other and our community is what inspires our passions.



PRODUCE—Our passion lies in providing the freshest, organic fruits and vegetables. We support regional family farms that are as invested in quality as we are.


MEAT—When only the best will do! Shop our selection of the highest quality and hard to find cuts of meat, along with our house-made and smoked sausages.


DAIRY—We highlight local milk, cheese and eggs locally produced and have a great selection of dairy-alternative products as well. 


GROCERY—We focus on the hard to find. If you have allergies or nutritional restrictions or follow alternative diets, if we don’t have it, we can probably get it.


FROZEN FOODS—Sometimes we need the convenience of frozen foods. From quick breakfasts to plant-based meat alternatives, we can help keep your freezer stocked with what you want.  


BULK—A lot, or a little, the choice is yours! Our bulk department allows you to have the freshest products in just the amount you want. 


NON-FOODS—Perfect for the eco-minded shopper. Our selection of household products is stocked with paper and cleaning products you can feel good about.


SUPPLEMENTS—Carefully selected, we offer vitamins, herbs and supplements that are rigorously tested and of the highest quality. We stand behind the brands we carry without compromise. 


HEALTH AND BEAUTY—Just as important as the inside, we care about the products that go on your outside. We carry natural products that are humanely produced.


Bulk Offerings

Herbs and Spices

Activated Charcoal Coconut

Agar Agar

Alaea Red Sea Salt

Alfalfa Seed Organic

Allspice Berries

Allspice Ground

Alpine Touch No MSG

Alum Granules

Ancho Chili Powder Organic

Anise Seed Whole

Anise Ground

Apple Pie Spice Organic

Arrowroot Powder

Baking Powder Non-Aluminum

Baking Soda Powder

Barley Grass Powder Organic

Basil Leaf C/S

Bee Pollen Domestic

Beef Broth Powder

Beet Powder Organic

Black Coarse Pepper

Black Peppercorns

Black Sesame Seed Organic

Black Walnut Hull Powder Org

Blood Root

Blue Poppy Seed

Brown Mustard Seed Organic

Brown Sesame Seeds Organic

Buttermilk Powder

Cajun Seasoning

Calendula Petals Organic

Caraway Seed

Cardamon Ground

Cardamon Seed

Catnip Herb C/S

Cayenne Pepper 90k HU

Celery Salt

Celery Salt Organic

Celery Seed Ground

Celery Seed Organic

Ceylon Cinnamon Organic

Cheddar Cheese Powder White

Cheddar and Spice Popcorn Seas

Chia Seeds Organic

Chicken Broth

Chicory Root

Chili Powder Med. 1000hu

Chipotle Peppers Ground

Cinnamon Korintje Ground

Cinnamon Sticks

Citric Acid

Cloves Whole Organic

Cloves Ground

Coarse Grind Himalayan Salt

Coarse Sea Salt

Comfrey Leaf

Coriander Ground

Coriander Seed

Coriander Seed Whole Organic


Cranberry Orange Tea

Cream Of Tartar

Crushed Red Chili Flakes

Crystalized Ginger Slices

Crystallized Ginger

Cumin Ground

Cumin Ground Organic

Cumin Seed Whole

Curry Powder

Dandelion Root Organic

Dill Seed

Dill Seed Organic

Dill Weed

Dill Weed Organic

Earl Grey Tea Blend

Echinacea Root Organic

Elderberries Organic

Essiac Tea Trinity Blend

Eucalyptus Leaf C/S

Everything Bagel Seasoning Organic

Eyebright Herb Powder

Fennel Seed Ground Org

Fennel Seed Whole

Fenugreek Seed Whole

Fine Himalayan Salt

Five Spice Blend Powder

Frankincense Tears

Garam Masala

Garlic Granules Organic

Garlic Pepper Organic

Garlic Powder

Garlic Salt


German Chamomile Flowers Organic

Ginger Ground

Goji Berries Whole

Gourmet 4 Pepper Blend

Granulated Garlic

Gravel Root

Green Peppercorns Org

Ground Fenugreek Organic

Ground Yellow Mustard Seed Organic

Guar Gum Powder Organic

Gunpowder Green Tea Organic

Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

Hibiscus Flowers Organic

Hickory Salt Blend

Holy Basil Tulsi

Horseradish Organic

Horseradish Powder

Hot Chili Powder

Irish Breakfast Tea

Italian Seasoning Flakes

Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine Tea

Juniper Berries Whole

Kelp Powder Org

Lavender Flower Select Whole

Lavender Flower Whole Organic

Lemon Balm Organic

Lemon Ginger Tea

Lemon Peels

Lemon Pepper Organic

Licorice Root C/S

Maple Granules

Marjoram Leaf c/s Organic

Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic

Med Ground Black Pepper

Mediterranean Oregano

Menthol Crystals

Mexican Oregano

Mexican Seasoning

Mild Chili Powder N/S

Mild Pickling Spice

Milk Thistle Seed Whole Organic

Minced Garlic

Muchi Curry Powder

Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed Ground

Nettle Leaf C/S

Nutmeg Ground

Nutmeg Whole

Onion Flakes

Onion Granules Organic

Onion Powder

Onion Powder Organic

Onion Salt

Orange Peel Granules Organic

Oregano Ground

Paprika Ground Spanish

Paprika Organic

Parsley Flakes

Pepper Fine Grind Organic

Peppermint Leaf C/S Organic

Pickling Spice

Pickling Spice Organic

Pink Peppercorns Organic

Pizza Seasoning Blend

Pizza Seasoning Organic

Potato Starch

Poultry Seasoning

Powdered Psyllium Husk

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Pure Vitamin C Powder

Ranch Dip & Dressing

Raspberry Leaf C/S

Real Salt

Red Clover Seed Organic

Red Pepper Cayenne 35k hu

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red Rose Petals

Rooibos Tea

Rosehips Organic

Rosemary Ground

Rosemary Leaf Whole

Rubbed Sage Leaf

Saf Instant Yeast

Sage Ground

Salad Herbs

Salad Sprouting Seeds

Sandalwood Powder Red

Sandwich Blend Organic

Sea Salt

Sea Salt Grey

Senna Leaf C/S

Shiitake Mushrooms Organic

Slippery Elm Powder

Smoked Sea Salt Durango

Spaghetti Seasoning

Spearmint Leaf

Spike Seasoning Bulk

Spirulina Powder

Star Anise Whole Select

Sumac Ground

Summer Savory Leaf c/s

Sweet Matcha

Taco Seasoning

Tandoori Masala



Thyme Ground

Turmeric Ginger Tea Org

Turmeric Ground

Turmeric Organic

Veg Broth Mix

Vegetable Soup Blend Organic

White Chia Seed Organic

White Pepper Ground

White Sesame Seeds Organic

White Willow Bark C/S Org

Xanthan Gum Powder

Yellow Mustard Seed Organic


Bulk Foods

Organic Oat Groats

Organic Buckwheat Groats

Organic Peeled Farro

Spelt Berries

Red Wheat Berries

White Wheat Berries

Bulgar Wheat

Kamut Berries

Rye Berries

Spelt Flakes

Kamut Flakes

Barley, Pearled

Gluten-Free Elbows

Garden Spirals

Elbow Macaroni

Penne Rigate

Granola-Cherry Vanilla

Granola-Maple Almond

Granola-Blueberry Flax

Granola-Strawberry Vanilla Hemp

Granola-Montana Crunch

Granola-Chocolate Hazelnut

Granola-Pumpkin Flax

Granola-Apple Cinnamon

Granola-Strawberry Raspberry

Granola-Almond French Vanilla

Granola-Himalayan Goji

Granola-Pistachio Mulberry

GF Rolled Oats

Wheat Bran

Quick Oats

Regular Oats

MT 7-Grain Flakes

Steel-Cut Oats


Corn Meal

Red Quinoa

Organic Millet

Masa Harina

Unrefined Sugar

MT Kamut Flour

“00” Flour

Buckwheat Flour

Rye Flour

Whole Wheat Bread Flour

White Flour

White Spelt Flour

Coconut Flour


High-Heat Milk Solids

Oat Flour

Barley Flour

Teff Flour

Big Sky Rye Flour

Wheatsome Blend

Tapioca Starch

One to One Flour

Almond Flour

White Rice Flour

Brown Rice Flour

Semolina Flour

7-Grain Flap Jack Mix

Roasted Wheat

Quick Rolled Oats

Regular Rolled Oats

Thick Rolled Oats

Country Wild Rice

Harvest Pilaf Mix

Wild Rice

Wild Rice Blend

Kracklin Kamut

Kracklin Kamut Churro

Sesame Sticks

Cajun Sesame Sticks

Cheddar Sesame Sticks

Multicolor Popcorn

Yellow Popcorn

Golden Flax Seed

Brown Flax Seed
Kidney Beans
13-Bean Soup Mix
Black-Eyed Peas
Mung Beans
Garbanzo Beans
Navy Beans
Green Lentils
Red Lentils
Small Red Beans
Pinto Beans
Adzuki Beans
Green Split Peas
Yellow Split Peas
Black Beans
Golden Raisins
Organic Thompson Raisins
Thompson Raisins
Organic Craisins
Organic Deglet Dates
Organic Prunes
Organic Black Figs
Apple Rings
Organic Mango
Ancho Peppers
Chipotle Peppers
Organic Chia Seeds
Organic Short-Grain Brown Rice
Organic Brown Basmati Rice
White Basmati Rice
Sushi Rice
Long-Grain White Rice
Arborio Rice
White Calrose Rice
White Jasmine Rice
Short-Grain Brown Rice
Long-Grain Brown Rice
Japanese Chili Peppers
Guajillo Chilis
Hemp Seeds
Organic Turkish Figs
Pineapple Slices
Unsweetened Banana Chips
Sweetened Banana Chips
Dried Tart Cherries
Dried Bing Cherries
Organic Date Pieces
Organic Apricots
Sunflower Seeds, Raw/NS
Sunflower Seeds, Roasted/Salted
Sunflower Seeds, Organic Raw
Pumpkin Seeds, Raw
Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Raw/NS
Hazelnuts, Raw
Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Raw/NS
Spanish Peanuts, Raw
Blanched Peanuts
Brazil Nuts
Blanched Peanuts, Roasted/Salted
Blanched Peanuts, Raw/NS
Macadamia Nuts, Raw
Whole Cashews, Raw
Cashew Pieces, Raw
Cashews, Roasted/Salted
Pistachios, Shelled/Raw
Slivered Almonds, Raw
Sliced Almonds, Raw
Organic Almonds, Raw
Almonds, Roasted/Salted
Almonds, Raw

Blanched Almonds, Raw

Sizzlin’ Corn        

Toasted Corn

Fish Bowl Mix

Organic Go For It Mix

Trail Mix-Sienna
Trail Mix-Very Berry Antioxidant
Trail Mix-Inferno
Trail Mix-Swiss
Trail Mix-Tropical Blend
Trail Mix-Navajo
Trail Mix-Danish
Peanut Lovers Mix
Student Mix
Wide-Chip Coconut
Medium-Shred Coconut
Seasoned Rye Chips
Pecan Pieces, Roasted/Salted
Walnuts, Raw
Pecan Pieces, Raw
Peanut Rainbow Drops
Yogurt Peanuts
Milk Chocolate A’Peels
Vanilla A’Peels
Dark Chocolate A’Peels
Red Velvet Cherries
Chocolate Blueberries
Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans
Chocolate Walnuts
Dark Chocolate Almonds
Chocolate Cashews
NSA Milk Chocolate Peanuts
Chocolate Covered Almonds
Milk Chocolate Espresso Beans
Chocolate Bridge Mix
NSA Milk Chocolate Raisins
Chocolate Covered Raisins
Yogurt Raisins
Yogurt Almonds
Chocolate Cranberries
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
Dark Chocolate Peppermint Creams
Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Bears
Chocolate Almond Cluster
Dark Chocolate Malt Balls
Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears
Malted Milk Balls
Double-Dipped Peanuts
Maple-Dipped Peanuts
Milk Chocolate Brownie Bites
Licorice Bridge Mix
Chocolate Rainbow Drops
Fruit Slices, Assorted
Fruit Sours, Assorted
Blow Pop Gumballs
Mini Gummi Sharks
Cinnamon Bears
Mango Chili Bears
Gummi Bears
Gummi Worms
Butter Toffee Peanuts
Peanut Rainbow Drops
Lemon Drops
Blowpop Gumballs
Jordan Almonds
Gummi Peach Rings
Gummi Cherries
Gummi Raspberries
Strawberry Licorice Wheels
Licorice Wheels
Yogurt Pretzels
Strawberry Yogurt Pretzels
Lemon Crème Pretzels
Milk Chocolate Pecan Caramels
Chocolate Toffee W/Almonds
Milk Chocolate Maple Creams
Mint Meltaways
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters
Chocolate Coconut Haystacks
Vanilla Caramels

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